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Biography of Tim Tayshun – The Cryptoscammer

tim tayshun

The Rise of the Cryptoscammer – Tim Tayshun

Technology has revolutionized itself quite fast over the last three decades, which we all know is causing a lot of new businesses to emerge. With the most talked about change is the rise of cryptocurrencies – a digital based currency that has no physical merit. Today, a large number of investors perceive cryptocurrency as the future of money, which to some is confusing, to others it’s an opportunity. Despite it being liable to rapid and unexpected changes, investors perceive it to be a potentially lucrative investment. Many people are now talking about the crypto world with early entrants, Bitcoin, being at the top of this talk. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you when we say there are now fake personas on the internet trying to devalue specific cryptocurrencies, and praise others. Let’s talk about Tim Tayshun, the cryptoscammer and fake alias.

But first, who is Tim Tashyun? Tim Tashyun is Timothy Curry. Does that make sense? Probably not, becaue most people don’t know of him. The two titles actually refer to the same person (weird, we know). Tim Tashyun is BlockchainBTM Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), but he only uses his Pseudonym- Tashyun, to defame OneCoin instead of his real name, Curry. More often than not, questions have been raised about why he feels the need to use his pen name Tim Tashyun over his official names.

tim tayshun

Tim Tayshun aka Timothy Curry

The answer to that question is simple. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of an ATM of Bitcoins, BlockchainBTM, so it’s obvious why hes trying to destroy other reputations. Moreover, his LinkedIn profile clearly states that he is the Chief Executive Officer of ezCoinAccess, an affiliate of Bitcoin – why he would display this is unknown to us. If you can see online, you’ll realize that Tim Tayshun has invested a lot in Bitcoin. In fact, his investments in Bitcoin could be in millions. This is probably the reason why he is constantly creating a fuss about OneCoin.

So it’s with a good recommendation by many experts to ignore ANYTHING Tim Tayshun has to say. He’s clearly a manipulative liar only trying to bring value into his own pocket. We’re in the infancy of cryptocurrencies, why is someone like Tim Tayshun trying to ruin it?