Tim Tayshun – Cryptocurrency Expert?

Tim Tayshun is at It Again

tim tayshun

Tim Tayshun is up to his old tricks, throwing false allegations against OneCoin in order to advance his own financial interests in Bitcoin.

Tim Tayshun, whose real name is Timothy Curry, is Chief Marketing Officer of BlockchainBTM, an ATM for Bitcoins, and CEO of ezCoinAccess, another Bitcoin business.

With such a vested interest in the success of Bitcoin, anything he says about other cryptocurrencies is filled with conflicts of interest and cannot be taken seriously.

This time, Tayshun is spreading false rumors that OneCoin’s Macau event next week has been cancelled. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

A series of online posts have recently appeared, all using the exact same content, making this false claim. These posts are part of an illegal and unethical smear campaign against OneCoin. Sources say that these false attacks are being orchestrated by Tim Tayshun and other self-interested actors who will stop at nothing to bring down competitors to Bitcoin.

Given that Bitcoin’s lack of transparency has made it a favorite cryptocurrency of online criminals since its creation, it is no surprise that people like Tim Tayshun would resort to underhanded tactics of their own to spread lies about Bitcoin’s competition.

The OneCoin Macau event is on for May 7 and it will give cryptocurrency users and investors the opportunity to see for themselves the benefits of using OneCoin over Bitcoin.

More Tim Tayshun updates to follow.

Tim Tayshun - Cryptocurrency Expert?

Tim tayshun. Cpyrto currency expert? not really.

The internet has leveled the playing field for anyone wishing to express himself or herself. Where once major news organizations almost exclusively controlled the dissemination of news and opinion, today anyone can speak directly to millions of people directly online.

One of the great challenges of this new online world of information is discerning the real from the unreal, the true from the false and the credible from the deceptive.

In this world of internet anonymity, those with something to hide thrive – anonymous voices on the internet can say things without having to put their names or credibility on the line. These voices should not be trusted.

In the world of cryptocurrency, Tim Tayshun lacks credibility exactly for this reason – he seeks to damage the reputation of others without putting his identity on the line.

Tim Tayshun uses a pen name to trash OneCoin – what is he trying to hide? Why won’t he use his real name? Many other writers in the cryptocurrency space use their real names – why won’t Tim Tayshun?

Is it because he has such a vested financial interest in seeing OneCoin’s competitor – Bitcoin – gain in value? Is Tim Tayshun hiding behind a fake name in an attempt to smear Onecoin for his own financial benefit?

Why doesn’t Tim Tayshun write about all of the negative stories circulating about Bitcoin? Bitcoin has long had a reputation for being a magnet for bad actors and cybercriminals – from drug dealers to money launderers. If Tim Tayshun wants to discuss the value and merit of any one cryptocurrency, he should talk about these factors as well.

And what about the recent IRS investigation into Coinbase, the leading Bitcoin exchange in the U.S.? The IRS recently requested information about Coinbase’s customer accounts, on the suspicion that the group of customers are avoiding U.S. tax laws. Tim Tayshun will have no mention of that.

Tim Tayshun hides behind the anonymity of the internet, in a similar way that bad actors hide behind Bitcoin.

Tim TayshunWho is tim tayshun?

Tim Tayshun is Timothy Curry. Timothy Curry is Tim Tayshun. While the two are the same, “Tim” only likes to defame OneCoin using his pen name, Tayshun, rather than his real name, Curry.

Why? What is he trying to hide when posing as Tim Tayshun?

Perhaps it is his vested interest in Bitcoin. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the Chief Marketing Officer of BlockchainBTM, an ATM for Bitcoins. He is also listed as CEO of ezCoinAccess, another Bitcoin-centered business.

Clearly, Tim Curry, aka Tim Tayshun, has a lot invested in the growth of Bitcoin. Perhaps he has millions of dollars at stake in the success of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is by far the dominant cryptocurrency in the market. Why does Tim Curry spend so much time and energy defaming OneCoin? Perhaps it is a sign of the threat that OneCoin and other cryptocurrencies pose to his many investments in Bitcoin.

Writers of fiction often use pseudonyms. They are writing fiction. Those that write the truth use their real names.

Whatever the case may be, Tim should drop the Tayshun, and stick with his real name if he wants to make claims about the competition. Or maybe he simply prefers to be known as a writer of fiction.Tim Tayshun is Tim Curry